Thread Lifting

Tread Lifting mina plastic surgery

Basic Information

What is Thread Lifting

Thread Lifting is a procedure done to reduce wrinkles and fine lines of a face.

Skin loses elasticity and increases wrinkles as people are aging. In the Thread Lifting, the highly elastic threads are used to suspend saggy cheeks and deep wrinkles. Temporary stitches are made to give a lifting effect on the face and neck. The threads generally pull the whole face / partial areas up which tightens and raises the face-up. Therefore, this treatment improves the uneven facial line and droopy skins on the face. The Thread Lifting is a quick method to receive an immediate effect.

Thread Lifting

Thread Lifting at MINA PLASTIC SURGERY will take around 30 minutes. (*Operation time could be different depending on a patient’s health condition and surgical situation.*) You will receive Thread Lifting treatment under Local anesthesia and be fully revived after 1 hour of the treatment. You can go back home after waking up from the anesthesia and getting aftercare served by MINA PLASTIC SURGERY on the day of the operation. You can return to daily life immediately after receiving the treatment and no removal of stitches afterward. Avoid smoking for 2 weeks after the treatment to prevent any side-effects.

Possible areas for Thread Lifting

Thread Lifting

Thread Lifting is available on both partial areas or the whole face.

  • Forehead
  • Around eyes
  • Cheek
  • Nasolabial fold
  • Chin
  • Neckline

Recommended to

Thread Lifting

Thread Lifting treatment of MINA PLASTIC SURGERY is recommended to you if you would like to receive an immediate effect of rejuvenation through a simple and quick treatment instead of getting a surgery. Facial Thread Lifting produces effective results immediately after getting the treatment with a fast recovery time. Therefore, Dr. Cha especially recommends Facial Thread Lifting to workers who have to return to the workplace as quickly as possible.

How it works

Thread Lifting

1.After several consultations, Dr. Cha designs the best possible result considering the wrinkles, and the sagginess of the skin.

2.Local anesthesia is given for the procedure.

3.Dr. Cha injects MINA’S special threads underneath the skin of the face and pulls them up, straightening out the wrinkles.

4.Threads which are outside of the skin are removed, and sterilization of the treated areas are made.

Mina’s speciality

Thread Lifting

Customized treatment

Dr. Cha considers individual patient’s facial feature and characteristics to design the facial thread lifting treatment plan.

Approved safety threads

MINA PLASTIC SURGERY utilizes the threads that are certified as the safety instrument.

Specific analysis

Dr. Cha analyzes the extent of droopy skin and wrinkles detailedly and operates the most suitable surgical procedure.

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