Chin/Jaw Reduction

Jaw Reduction Procedure In Korea

Jaw Reduction

Basic Information

Chin/Jaw Reduction is done to resect the angular or broad chin or jaw.

A broad or bulging chin or jaw tends to give a stubborn and strong impression. MINA PLASTIC SURGERY offers two different ways to solve this issue:

  • Jaw Reduction. 
  • T Osteotomy.

Dr. Cha will meticulously examine the client’s state and decide what procedure the client will need.

The Jaw Reduction procedure is focused on reducing the size of the jaw. As broad jaws tend to be too angular, the surgery will involve excision from the subauricular (under ear) jaw bone to the frontal jaw bone, straightening out the extra angle and forming a sleek v-line.

T Osteotomy at MINA PLASTIC SURGERY is performed mainly on the chin. It reshapes a small part of the chin and trims the side jaws, creating a straight, narrow chin line.

Chin/Jaw Reduction at MINA PLASTIC SURGERY will take about 1~2 hours, with the client being under general anesthesia. After the operation, the client will need to stay in the clinic for several hours for recovery from anesthesia and after-surgery treatments.

However, the client will be able to return to her/his accomodation on the day of the surgery. Revisiting MINA PLASTIC SURGERY after 7 days is required for stitch removal, check-ups and post treatments.

Clients are advised to avoid smoking two weeks prior to, and after the surgery in order to get the best results and speed up the recovery.

Recommended to

Jaw Reduction

Chin/Jaw Reduction is recommended to those who experience difficulties due to their wide jaws.

Having a wide jaw line is often accompanied with an overly angular jawline or a blunt chin. These appearances may give the person a stubborn and masculine look.

They can also make the face look wider than it actually is, breaking facial balance. Chin/Jaw Reduction at MINA PLASTIC SURGERY will work best for clients who want to achieve a softer, more feminine look by getting a sleek v-line.

Jaw Reduction

How it works

Jaw Reduction
Jaw Reduction

What is Cortical Resection?

"Cortical bone" refers to the bone that forms the angle of the rear jaw. Resecting this bone will reduce the thickness of the jawbone, enabling the clients to obtain a narrower, a more smoothed jaw line.

T Osteotomy

How it works

Jaw Reduction
Jaw Reduction

Mina's Specialty

Jaw Reduction

Dr. Cha of MINA PLASTIC SURGERY precisely analyzes the patient’s individual characteristics and face structure to perform the procedure based on the golden ratio, thus creating the most suitable result for each patient.

The chin/jaw reduction is a complex surgery in which the operator must consider various factors that differ for each patient. In order to give patients the best results, MINA PLASTIC SURGERY adapts three different techniques: long curve resection, cortical resection, and prevention of cheek deflection.

In the stitching process, Dr. Cha lifts the skin and muscles up in order to prevent deflection or loosening of the skin.


Dr. Cha guarantees a safe and meticulous procedure through the use of the best equipments. He makes sure to minimalize damage and scars while maximizing the precision.

With our years of experience and expertise, Dr. Cha minimalizes bruising, bleeding, and swelling, which enables patients to spring back to their everyday life as soon as possible.