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For most people, plastic surgery can a once in a lifetime opportunity that leads to wonderful results and a boost of self-esteem. However, for many clients, cosmetic procedures do not always go as planned. Sometimes, patients try to save money and choose the cheapest clinics, which has disastrous results as clinics often cut corners to lower prices. While this can account for some of the botched operations, even the best surgeons must occasionally do revisions to their work.

This was the case from Axelle, who is a native of Belgium. She had multiple rhinoplasty procedures, and each attempt got progressively worse. This is in part due to the fact that revision rhinoplasty gets more difficult with each additional surgery. For example, Axelle had built up of scar tissue on her right nostril, which was from previous operations and makes revisions more challenging. As is almost always the case, failed operations will leave you in much worse can condition than before the operation. Axelle was no exception. “Before this surgery, I would always avoid sitting on the right side of people. I was always afraid that they’d see the left side of my nose and would see how crooked and ugly it was” she explained. She also avoided taking pictures from the right side.

She went to Belgium to have the rhinoplasty procedure. While the doctor did a lot to build his credibility and boasted his great experience, he did very little to actually explain what was going to happen during the procedure. While most people might not understand the technical terms of biology and surgery, it is always a good idea to have a general idea of what is happening during the operation.

Revision Rhinoplasty Specialist Dr. Jeonghocha mina plastic surgery

(Even with some moderate swelling persisting, Axelle is thrilled with the results)

After giving up hope on ever having normality, Axelle’s hope was raised when she saw the exceptional work Dr. Cha had done on her best friend, Yulie, who is from Russia and studies in Korea.  Seeing that Dr. Cha was able to deliver on his promise to her best friend, she decided to set up a consultation through Seoul Guide Medical, which helps international patients in South Korea with a variety of medical procedures such as vision, skin care, dental, plastic surgery, and other medical services.  Seoul Guide Medical only works with the finest clinics who take top care of their clients.

This is the philosophy at Mina Plastic Surgery located in Seoul, South Korea, and was the case with Dr. Cha.  Axelle recalled, “As soon as I had my first consultation with the surgeon, I was sold as he was so informative and clear. It was very evident that he was very experienced as he’d even explained to me what had gone wrong in my previous surgeries, which made me trust him instantly…I knew I’d found the right person, which was something I had been waiting for a very long time”. Dr. Cha, who studied in the United States, and is fluent in English, explained in fine detail the technical elements of the whole procedure, into vocabulary that was easy to understand.

It is an unfortunate reality that many clinics only see patients as dollar signs. However, this is not the case with Dr. Cha, as each individual client is always the center of his attention. Performing a maximum of 2 surgeries a day, Dr. Cha is able to stay fresh and give only the best results- which is why he has a 100 percent safety and satisfaction record. Axelle further elaborated, “The professionalism, care, punctuality, and detail they give you as a patient. I kind of felt like a princess during the entire process”. This has been a consistent theme running through the testimony of the thousands of people Dr. Jeongo Cha has helped.

Dr. Jeongho Cha is a former military surgeon, who worked with soldiers hurt during service to their country. He is only one of a handful of doctors who have made this transition to the private sector, and his experience helping severe trauma, has helped him in customizing individual treatment plans, which are designed to suit each client’s needs.  His vast experience, and wealth of knowledge makes him the best choice in all of South Korea.

Dr. Cha was able to deliver on what he promised. During the operation, he worked restlessly to undo the poor work of the previous clinics and give Axelle, what she thought was once impossible- perfection! He was able to beautifully craft her nose and maintain all vital functions, such as breathing and smelling. Showing off her side profile, she was absolutely aesthetic and couldn’t wait to go home to show her family, as everyone had become accustomed to the work she had to live with for years. She couldn’t be happier, and Dr. Cha deserves all the credit for giving her exactly what she desired.  Her mind was even more at rest knowing that Dr. Cha and Mina Plastic Surgery offer one year warranty on all his work, as it often takes 9 months to 1 year for the procedure to fully settle.

“They really make you feel that you are important to them and that they care about what the end result will be just as much as you do! That kind of safe and trusting feeling is so important, especially for people like me being so far away from home. The surgeon really listened to what I wanted and provided the best possible version of it using his expertise”!

Whether you are suffering from a previous surgery, or want to make sure that you never need a revision, Dr. Jeongho Cha of Mina Plastic Surgery is your best bet. He has gained a reputation as one of the most talented surgeons in Korea. His level of expertise is second to none.  Contact us for a free consultation today and see what Mina Plastic Surgery can do for you.

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