• The eyes tend to be the most recognizable facial feature and long considered  “a gateway into the soul”.  Since the goal of beauty is symmetry and balance, the eyes play a vital role as one of your main facial features. 

  • The size of the eyes is not the only thing that must be considered. How well the eyes sit in proportion to the face is also an important factor.  Dr. Cha of MINA PLASTIC SURGERY puts extra care into designing large and clear eyes with beautiful and matching proportions by using the “golden eye ratio”, with mathematical precision. He also makes sure the design goes well with the client's overall facial features, as naturalness of the result is one of his top priorities to consider.

  • Dr. Cha performs surgery on the upper eyelids, the sides of the eyes and the lower eyelids. These procedures can improve your look and have valuable anti-aging effects.

Possible Treatments

Double Eyelid - Non incisional
Double Eyelid - Part incisional
Double Eyelid - Incisional
Ptosis Correction
Canthoplasty - Epi/Lateral
Dual Canthoplasty
Under Eye Correction - Fat repositioning / removal
Blepharoplasty - Upper / Lower
Eyebrow Lift
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Possible Treatments