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For Men

Plastic Surgery for men has dramatically increased in recent years and is now common in many parts of the world. We are able to offer a wide array of services to improve your appearance as a man.



Before Surgery Care


  • It is recommended to stop taking medications such as birth control pills, hormonal drugs, vitamin, aspirin etc. 2 weeks prior to surgery if possible.
  • Any substance that could augment the blood-flow should be avoided from ingestion.
  • If you are under treatment of diabetes, thyroid issues, heart disease or hypertension, make sure you let our consultants know immediately.

  • Your time of recovery will depend on how healthy you are before surgery.
  • Smoking and drinking should be stopped from at least 3 days before the surgery.
  • We also advise you eat healthy food and stay away from processed foods.

  • On the day of the surgery, wearing loose-fitting clothing is recommended.
  • Jewelry, make-up, nail polish and contact lens should be removed.

  • For most surgeries, you will be under a certain type of anesthesia and some with sedation.
  • Anesthesia with sedation requires fasting for 6-8 hours while General Anesthesia requires fasting for 8-12 hours depending on your case, and is mandatory.



After Surgery Care


  • Our helper and translator will always be there throughout your entire process (including hospitalization).
  • We will be assisting you during your recovery process in the clinic . We provide porridge and juice made of pumpkin which will help you recover faster (please let us know if you are allergic to, or simply not fond of pumpkin), offer check-ups , after treatment packs and medicaments.

  • Swelling normally begins to subside after 3 days, depending on how much you have iced the treated area.
  • Ice packs will be provided by the clinic.
  • Swelling could be uneven on each side.
  • We may offer deswelling laser light therapy for qualifying cases to improve recover time.

  • Be sure to finish the given medication, and come back for your scheduled check-ups and treatments
  • We also advise you to sleep on your back, and not rub your treated areas for most treatments.

  • Smoking and drinking should be avoided for at least 4 weeks after the operation, for a faster recovery and best results.





  • The eyes tend to be the most recognizable facial feature and long considered “a gateway into the soul”. Since the goal of beauty is symmetry and balance, the eyes play a vital role as one of your main facial features.


  • The size of the eyes is not the only thing that must be considered. How well the eyes sit in proportion to the face is also an important factor. Dr. Cha of MINA PLASTIC SURGERY puts extra care into designing large and clear eyes with beautiful and matching proportions by using the “golden eye ratio”, with mathematical precision. He also makes sure the design goes well with the client’s overall facial features, as naturalness of the result is one of his top priorities to consider.


  • Dr. Cha performs surgery on the upper eyelids, the sides of the eyes and the lower eyelids. These procedures can improve your look and have valuable anti-aging effects.





  • The nose, taking up ⅓ of your face, and sitting in the middle of the face, tends to determine the overall appearance of a person, with its shape and how it is balanced. The ideal measurement of a nose depends on many factors but is often the angle between your nose bridge and the tip of 45°. The angle between the forehead and the nose bridge is ideal at 135°-140° for women, and 135° for men. The better angle between the nose and the upper lip for women would be 90°-105°, and 90° for men. It is also considered a ‘well-placed nose’ if it stretches out straight on the nose bridge without it being bumpy, and its width being slightly narrower than the mouth. However, everyone is different so the ideal nose for you is the ideal nose for you and not for someone else.


  • Dr. Cha of MINA PLASTIC SURGERY considers the proportion and balance of the face as his priority throughout the entire process – from the initial design to the actual operation. As the nose plays an important role in the face aesthetically as well as technically, it is necessary to have an expert perform a rhinoplasty. Revision rhinoplasty is much more complicated and much more expensive. You should have it done right, once.


  • With his experience and expertise, Dr. Cha of MINA PLASTIC SURGERY will make sure he meets your needs, and leave you satisfied with the result.



Face & Body Contouring


  • The bone structure and the outline are the ‘hidden cards’ of a beautiful face. They are less noticeable but play a huge part in making the face more beautiful. With the right angle, proportion, and symmetry, the bone structure and the outline of the face will provide a gorgeous canvas for other facial features to set in.

  • The ‘ideal’ proportion of the frontal face would be the ratio of 0.8:1:1:1:0.8. 0.8 indicating the space starting from the outer corners of your eyes, to where the face ends, 1 being each eye, and the nose. The desired vertical ratio tends to be 1:1:0.8~1, first starting from the hairline and ending right beneath the eyebrows, second from the eyebrows to the tip of the nose, and 0.8~1 being from the tip of the nose to the chin.

  • Dr. Cha of MINA PLASTIC SURGERY considers the proportion and balance of the face as his priority throughout the entire process – from the initial design to the actual operation. With his expertise built over numerous years of experience, Dr. Cha of MINA PLASTIC SURGERY will make sure he meets your needs, and leaves you satisfied with the result.



Non-surgical Treatment


  • Non-surgical procedures offered at MINA PLASTIC SURGERY indicate treatments that don’t require incision, long recovery times, and enable the clients to get back to their daily lives right after the treatment. The goal of these procedures may be lifting, adding or subtracting volume depending on the clients’ needs.


  • Certain angles and adequate volume make up the ‘ideal faceline’. When a slanted, horizontal line is drawn from the forehead to the tip of the nose and chin it should make an angle of 75~80°. This is considered an ideal profile for the face. Seen from the front, the ratio of the nose tip to the upper lip, and from lower lip to the tip of the chin should be 1:2 as this is considered beautifully balanced. Also, if the angle following the bottom of each cheekbone meeting at the end of the chin is measured to be around 25~30°, it is seen as ideal.

  • Dr. Cha of MINA PLASTIC SURGERY also takes the mathematical measurements of a person’s face into account. Plastic surgery is part mathematics and part art. Dr. Cha combines both to produce the best results for you.