Some of the services we offer


Breast Augmentation has the highest satisfaction rate among women for any plastic surgery procedure.   While the vast majority of operations include enhancement, a substantial number of patients request reduction for functional and aesthetic value .  The typical desired effect is a natural, gentle slope, forward and proportional nipples and most the volume in the lower half of the breasts. However, some patients will benefit more from more volume being held in the upper breast area to give a fuller look. The kind of breast implants that are right for you depend on your needs and your body type. Dr. Cha will go over with you in detail until you are ready to decide.

Face Contouring

The perfect jaw line and face shape is partially subjective and has cultural preference, but it is also based in mathematics.


The meaning of rhinoplasty in the original Greek is “to shape nose”, however it is commonly referred to as a “nose job”.  This procedure involves reconstructing or correcting the form of the nose which can lead to a restoration of nasal functions or serve as an aesthetic enhancement.

Body Contouring

Body Contouring involves a series of procedures that eliminate and/or reduce excess skin and fat in a variety of places including the torso, upper arms, chest, and thighs.



  • The eyes tend to be the most recognizable facial feature and long considered  “a gateway into the soul”.  Since the goal of beauty is symmetry, the eyes play a vital role as they mirror each other. 

  • The size of the eyes are not the only thing that must be considered, but also how well the eyes sit in proportion to the face.  Large and clear eyes with beautiful and matching proportions are sought after by using the “golden eye ratio”, with mathematical precision which can be seen in the works of artists Leonardo Da Vinci, Salvador Dali and also in architecture, such as the Greek Parthenon.

For Men

Plastic Surgery for men has dramatically increased in recent years and is now common in many parts of the world. We are able to offer a wide array of services to improve your appearance.

Anti Aging

Anti-aging procedures come in all forms such as surgeries, injections and lasers. The goals of these procedures are to tighten droopy skin, improve thick and deep wrinkles, improve skin elasticity, smooth out pigmentation and improve saggy facial lines among other things. For example, someone who is 40 can look like she is just 30 after going through these procedures. The best and longest lasting methods are surgical procedures such as lifts along with laser treatment. The most common and easiest method is done using Botox and Fillers.