One Day Treatment

Get Results Fast

One Day Treatment

Many of the more extreme modifications of the body take multiple visits and either days or weeks of downtime (time you will need to recover).  These will likely cause swelling, busing, and some minimal discomfort.

However, there is an option in one day treatment which are considered “petite” plastic surgery procedures for patients who want quick, optimal results.  These involve very little recovery time and they can be completed in a single sitting, most of the time taking under an hour.

Although these operations, tend to be smaller in scope, they are are not to be underestimated.  There is a dynamic effect that will leave you with maximum results and virtually no disruption of your life.


Fillers can range in terms of composition, but the desired effect can also range in terms of lasting duration and purpose.  Filler can be used to both smooth wrinkles and stress lines in the face.  They can also be used to augment, or accent, certain locations.  Depending on the material, they may last from several months to several years.

One Day Amazing Skin

In conjuncture with our sister clinic Renovo Skin Clinic (click for website), we offer full facial procedures that can be done in a single sitting. Renovo Skin Clinic, offers the latest technology in skin care.  From thread lifting, to botox, fillers, laser lifting and skin whitening, the staff will make sure your unsightly blemishes, sagging or oily skin is fully rejuvenated.


Hiko (which uses fine threads to lift the nose) was actually developed in South Korea and is used to give an augmentation of the nose for patients who have flat or undefined noses.  Essentially, HIKO is a mixture of traditional dermal fillers and surgical implants.  The results are more natural and also last longer.  Also HIKO does not spread out to broaden the nose, thus creating the sharp, pointed nose that is so heavily desired.

Non-Invasive Rhinoplasty

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