Mina Models Before and After

Mina Models Before and After

At Mina Plastic Surgery we stand by our work.  But don’t take our word for it!  There are thousands of patients who have had their dream features come to life and here are just a few of the satisfied clients who keep coming back!

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Mina Models Before and After

Life was quickly passing her by, or so she thought.  For years Yuli, a native Russian studying Korean in Seoul, had avoided taking pictures or being filmed.  “There were so many moments in my life where I would regret not having captured a special moment”.  She explained while talking about her past insecurities.  “I started to notice the shape of my nose was both crooked and wide.  When I saw myself in pictures I saw myself how others saw me, and it made me insecure”, she further said.

Finally, Yuli decided to take her life back.  She set up a consultation for a corrective Rhinoplasty surgery at Mina Plastic Surgery, located in Seoul, South Korea set up by Seoul Guide Medical.  To her surprise and delight, Dr. Jeongho Cha, the founder, and stakeholder in the clinic did the consultation himself.   Dr.  Cha, who studied in America, speaks fluent English and was able to thoroughly explain the procedures he would be doing to correct Yuli’s deviated septum and bulbous (round) tip.

Because Dr. Cho is an expert who is highly respected in the plastic surgery field, his knowledge and expertise helped to ease the fears she felt while undergoing the Rhinoplasty.  “He carefully explained what would be taking place.  He used drawings to illustrate exactly where and why he would be making his incisions and what he would do”.  In addition to the basic information he provided, Dr. Cha was also careful to explain the drawbacks of the Rhinoplasty procedure.  As Jeongho explained, everyone’s body is unique and handles surgery slightly different, and there would be some minor inconveniences.  He explained the swelling could be expected to peak after 2-3 days and significantly drop after one week.  Over the course of the next month, too, certain activities should be avoided, such as drinking, smoking, exercising and saunas, as there is a chance to further delay the healing process.  The final result though, would not be fully visible until about 3-6 months.

After the consultation a date was set and Dr. Cha went to work in giving Yuli the features she had always dreamed of.  The Rhinoplasty operation took about an hour and she was given anesthesia, with deep sleep sedation.  Though she awoke slightly dazed, the pumpkin juice and pumpkin portage provided made her feel better very quickly.  They were given by Min, who works for Seoul Guide Medical, the organization which set up her consultation and Rhinoplasty.  Seoul Guide Medical is a Medical tourist organization which helps foreigners in Korea with plastic surgeries, skin, vision and dental care.  They provide translation, as well as arrange accommodations and transport to foreigners who want to have their needs met in South Korea.

One week after surgery

Mina Models Before and After

Although some pain is expected, Yuli professes she never felt pain, even during the next week when the stint was still in place.  For the next week, she took the medications prescribed by the clinic.  The bruising and swelling were minimal and she was able to cover the majority of it with makeup and the free mask provided by the clinic.  In South Korea- which is the plastic surgery capital of the world with the highest per capita surgeries- the mask seemed perfectly normal, as many people use them to cover their swelling from procedures.  The showers were a bit tricky, as no water could directly go over her nose, but with a sponge a little delicacy, it was no problem at all.  The check-ins, which took place the day after and on the 3rd day, were also very simple as they took under 10 minutes.

During the week while the stitches were in place, Yuli was dying to see how her new nose would look like.  “I just couldn’t wait.  Just couldn’t wait.  I was so nervous to see if they were able to do what I really wanted”.  The initial shock caught her off guard because the new look was so drastic.  As the nose’s position center on the face, it serves great importance to balance out the rest of the features on the face, such as the face and eyes.  The new look really took her breath away.  “I know it will look even better after it fully sets, and the swelling fully disappears.  I must admit, it does take some time getting used to.  I got so accustomed to being unsatisfied.  Now I am just trying to fully accept the new look”, she proudly said while showing off the side profile.

For now, as the final swelling goes down and the final results are fully visible, Yuli is busy catching back up on lost time.  She has been on a recent “selfie” spree, proudly snapping photos.  With her newly designed face, she now has the confidence she always lacked.

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