Basic Information

The implant is a procedure done to add volume to your face where necessary.

MINA PLASTIC SURGERY’s implant operation is a method used to emphasize facial contours. The implant procedure brings volume to your face, especially when your face is unbalanced and uneven in terms of volume. Adding volume creates facial contouring and highlighting which are important features that improve your facial shape and line. Especially when people age, the volume on the face becomes uneven and the facial shape becomes rough. Thus, many patients who stress from changes due to age come to MINA PLASTIC SURGERY and get the results they need through implants.


The implant procedure at MINA PLASTIC SURGERY generally takes 1 hour. However, the duration may change, depending on the patient’s health condition and the surgical situation. You will be under local anesthesia during the surgery and spend 1 hour in the recovery room for a quick recovery and receive aftercare service provided by MINA PLASTIC SURGERY. You will revisit our clinic 7 days after the surgery to remove stitches and receive additional aftercare. You will need to restrain from smoking for 2 weeks before and after the surgery in order to prevent any side-effects.

Possible areas for Implant


The Implant procedure can be done in the following areas:

  • Forehead
  • Smile line (Nasolabial fold)
  • Chin

Recommended to


The implant procedure is recommended to those who want better facial balance. Specifically, the Chin Implant procedure is recommended to those who have a small chin, resulting in a blurred chin line. Having a small chin could also make the mouth look protruded, which may also break the balance of the face. The Smile Line Implant will work for those who have a deep nasolabial fold, which could make the person look more aged. With the Forehead Implant, clients will be able to obtain a younger appearance, as well as a voluminous profile face.

How it works


1.After carefully designing the best possible result, Dr. Cha makes an incision to open the periosteum and create space for the prosthesis.

2.Personalized prosthesis for each patient is inserted in the necessary area.

3.Dr. Cha fixes the prosthesis in place and sutures back up.

How it works – Chin Implant

  1. Dr. Cha makes an incision inside the mouth, under the lower gum.

2. Prothesis carved to suit the client’s face is inserted.

3. Dr. Cha fixes the inserted prothesis, and stitches back the incised area.

4. Front chin formed, blurry chin line gone.

Mina’s specialty


Change of appearance

Adjusting the volume of the face not only meets its original purpose of improving the flatness of the face, but it also may improve proportion, balance, and overall appearance.

Ideal face line

MINA PLASTIC SURGERY creates the most natural and beautiful face, viewed from any side.

Permanent result

Autoplasty, such as fat graft or filler, brings a natural looking result, but the effect is not permanent. The implant procedures at MINA PLASTIC SURGERY guarantee a long lasting result without a defect of the prosthesis (twist or deflation) in the future. The prosthesis, having been designed differently for each client, will also guarantee natural yet perfect results.