Front Cheekbone Augmentation

Front Cheekbone Augmentation

Basic Information

Front Cheekbone Augmentation is a procedure done to create the perfect balance of the face.

The front cheekbone refers to the area under the eye and next to the nose. If this area is flat, it creates a dull look, resulting in an aged impression. In Front Cheekbone Augmentation, prostheses are used to create volume in the front cheekbones, creating a new dimensional, younger look.

Front Cheekbone Augmentation

MINA PLASTIC SURGERY’s Front Cheekbone Augmentation operation usually takes around 30 minutes done by Dr. Cha. Operation duration could be different depending on a patient’s health condition and the surgical situation.

The method of anesthesia is local anesthesia. After the surgery, you will stay in the recovery room for a while to wake up from the anesthesia and receive aftercares served by MINA PLASTIC SURGERY.

You can go back home on the day of the operation and will re-visit MINA PLASTIC SURGERY after 7 days of the surgery to remove stitches. The recovery time to return to daily life is around 7 days, which is right after the stitch removal.

Smoking should be avoided for 2 weeks both before and after the surgery in order to prevent any side-effects.

Recommended to

Front Cheekbone Augmentation

Dr. Cha recommends the Front Cheekbone Augmentation to those who are not confident with their cheekbones. Cheekbones being too flat may cause tired and aged looks.

It may also result in a face looking wider and longer, due to the lacking of volume in the middle of the face. By providing the adequate plumpness, clients will be able to obtain younger, livelier appearances.

How it works

Front Cheekbone Augmentation

Mina's speciality

Front Cheekbone Augmentation

Just through voluminous front cheekbones, your tired and aged impression will be improved into a lively, younger look.

The prosthesis is customized according to the shape of the front cheekbone, level of flatness, and overall facial balance.

This also creates an incision inside the mouth, not leaving any visible scars. The recovery time is also very short, not affecting your return to any daily activities.


Voluminous front cheekbones create a relatively smoother side cheekbone line. It also adds to the overall face volume, creating a slimmer and smaller-looking face from any angle.