Eyebrow Lift

Eyebrow Lift korea

Basic Information

Eyebrow lift is a surgery that pulls the overall skin around the eye area.

‍Eyebrow lift and Upper Blepharoplasty are two different procedures. The latter procedure fixes the saggy eyelid by making a double eyelid line, changing the original shape and form of the eye. Eyebrow lift, on the other hand, simply makes an incision either above or below the eyebrow, enabling the clients to keep the original shape of their eyes, double eyelid lines, and appearances.

Eyebrow Lift

Eyebrow lift procedure at MINA PLASTIC SURGERY needs about 1 hour to be completed, and another 1 hour for the clients to recover, wake up fully from the local anesthesia, and receive treatments provided by MINA PLASTIC SURGERY. It will be necessary for the clients to revisit the clinic after a week, for additional check-ups, treatments, and stitch removal. Clients are advised to avoid smoking for 2 weeks before, and after the operation, in order to pace up the recovery, and get the best results.

Recommended to

Eyebrow Lift

MINA PLASTIC SURGERY recommends Eyebrow lift to those who have a hard time dealing with their droopy eyelids. Eyelids covering the eyes – due to the wrinkles they form- may make the person look tired, and more aged than they actually are, or feel. As eyelashes poking the eye is also a result of sagging eyelids, Eyebrow lift procedure will fix this problem as well.  This operation is not performed directly on the eye area, but rather near the eyebrows. Therefore, it doesn’t change the shape of the eyes, double eyelids, single eyelid, or the overall impression the client’s appearance has. For that reason, Eyebrow lift is for clients who want to keep their original looks.

How it works

Eyebrow Lift

1.Dr. Cha designs the line for incision, considering the shape of the eye, the eyebrow and the sagging of the eyelid.

2.An incision following the designed line is made, either above or below the eyebrow.

3.Dr. Cha removes the unnecessary skin and muscle. He then pulls the lower muscle upwards, fixing it on the periosteum-the membrane which covers the bone.

4.Remaining muscle and skin are pulled up, sutured back into their places-smoothing out the wrinkles.

Mina’s specialty

Eyebrow Lift

Tightened eye area

Wrinkles are stretched out, bringing you a more freshened appearance.

Rejuvenating effect, maintaining the natural looks

The original shape of your eyes remains, with only the droopy eyelids disappearing. This will give you a younger appearance without changing the overall looks.

Invisible scars

The incision is made carefully according to the brow line, with Dr. Cha’s technique. Therefore the scar will be hidden under your eyebrows.

Aesthetical, functional improvement

While giving you a younger appearance, Eyebrow lift prevents the deterioration of eyesight caused by eyelashes poking the eye.

Fast recovery

You will be able to get back to your everyday life quickly.