Double Eyelid - Part incisional

Double Eyelid - Part incisional

Basic Information

Part-incisional double eyelid surgery is done to form a prominent eyelid fold.

‍The minimal amount of incision is made to remove the unnecessary fat and muscle of the eyelid. It takes from 30 minutes to 1 hour to complete the procedure, enough time for local anesthesia to cover.

Clients who have gotten Part-incisional double eyelid surgery will be able to exit MINA PLASTIC SURGERY clinic on the day the procedure is done, but asked to come back after a week for the removal of the stitches.

The recovery will take about the same amount of time, but for that, we recommend you avoid smoking for 2 weeks before, and after the surgery each.

Recommended to

Double Eyelid - Part incisional

Part-incisional double eyelid surgery is recommended to clients with thicker eyelids than non-incisional procedure could cover.

It is also effective for those who want a more dramatic, ensured result, while still keeping the natural looks. This procedure also works for eyelids that have gotten a non-incisional surgery  but has loosened.before,

How it works

Double Eyelid - Part incisional
  1. After designing customized double eyelid lines Dr. Cha makes small holes on the eyelid for the thread.

2. A small incision is also made to remove the fat and the unnecessary muscle.

3. After the removal, Dr. Cha stitches back through the incised part and the holes made.

4. The result is a combination of the merits of incisional and non-incisional procedures. You will be able to notice the change, but will look and feel like it’s originally yours.

Mina’s specialty

Minimized scar + Guaranteed result

Clients who have thick eyelids won’t be able to profit much from the non-incisional double eyelid surgery. It is likely for the crease to come loose after a short time. For clients with thicker eyelids, part-incisional double eyelid surgery is offered.

Part-incisional double eyelid procedure of MINA PLASTIC SURGERY is special.

Dr. Cha combines the merits of the incisional method – strong fixation of double eyelids and prominence with the non-incisional method of keeping it natural using the natural adhesion method and minimizing the scar as well as the swelling.


Non-incisional Double Eyelid Surgery

1.Make sure to ice around the operated area for at least 2-3 days.

2.Avoid smoking and drinking for at least 2-3 weeks after the operation.

3.Contact lens are recommended to be worn after at least 2 weeks.

4.Eye make up is suggested after at least 1 week.

5.We advise you to sleep on your back.

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