Double Eyelid Non-Incisional Surgery

The Double Eyelid Non-Incisional Surgery employs a specifically designed surgical stitch that, when correctly put, produces the most natural appearance. The stitch is a highly durable fabric that does not absorb or disintegrate into the skin’s underlying structure.

The procedure is pinching or invagination of the eyelid skin, creating a noticeable furrow above the eyelid. The suture retains and secures the invigilated hood through a series of passes through the eyelid skin and underlying eyelid tissues.

Depending on the patient’s facial aesthetics, the formation of a double eyelid may make the eye look more prominent, younger, and more attentive and aid in applying the eye makeup. Today, we’ll take a deeper look at a non-surgical procedure used frequently in cosmetic surgery: the non-incisional double eyelid suture technique.

There will be no large incisions or profound tissue harm due to the surgery. As a result, the likelihood of scar development is reduced. Because of its less-scarring outcomes, this surgery is one of the most popular cosmetic operations.

What exactly is Double Eyelid Non-Incisional Surgery?

The non-incisional procedure allows the development of a double eyelid fold without the necessity for an incision; think of it as hemming a pair of pants with stitches rather than cutting. This method is also known as the hidden suture technique.

Patients should be advised that, while this technique does not involve an incision, it necessitates administering a local anesthetic. The entire surgery takes less than an hour, and there is no need for an overnight hospital stay.

South Korea's Double Eyelid Non-Incisional Eyelid Surgery

South Korea is known as the “plastic surgery capital of the world,” You can commonly see people strolling around with bandages on their faces in the streets and malls. Because Koreans have monolid or single eyelids, making the eyes appear tiny, the most frequent surgeries involve the eyelids. South Korea is one of the world’s most popular destinations for cosmetic surgery.

How does the Double Eyelid Non-Incisional Surgery work?

Double Eyelid Non-Incisional Surgery

Before starting eyelid cosmetic surgery, the cosmetic surgeon will mark various spots on the eyelid skin to aid the surgeon. Once the area that defined, the cosmetic surgeon will make tiny punctures on the matching marks. The sutures will be inserted via the holes. Please remember that these sutures are buried behind the skin and will not be apparent to the human eye.

What conditions necessitate the use of the Double Eyelid Non-Incisional Surgery?

Buried suture methods are utilized in wounds with moderate-to-high tension as part of a multilayer closure. Buried sutures offer wound support and relieve stress on wound borders, allowing for a more excellent epidermal approximation of the wound.

It is utilized to remove dead space and as anchor sutures to secure the overlying tissue to the underlying structures. Wounds under much stress may benefit from a subcutaneous inverted cross-mattress stitch (SICM stitch), which may readily mimic such damages via a lateral pulley effect.

How long does Double Eyelid Non-Incisional Surgery recovery take?

Double Eyelid Non-Incisional Surgery

Even though no incisions were made during this operation, patients should expect some of the usual adverse effects of cosmetic surgery, such as slight bruising and swelling. Some people may also have dry eyes and light sensitivity.

However, after two weeks to several months of healing, most patients can resume their usual activities. Keep in mind that everyone recovers at their own pace, and it is less scarring. As a result, you may require more than the indicated recuperation time.

How much is the cost?

The typical cost of cosmetic eyelid surgery ranges from $1,000 to $3,000. That is the average cost of only the surgery. This estimate does not include anesthesia, operating room fees, or associated expenditures, so that the ultimate cost will be exorbitant.

Costs can vary depending on a variety of factors, including:

  • The process type
  • Your physical location
  • What is preoperative testing required?
  • The surgeon and the operating room
  • Medicines on prescription
  • Any difficulties

If you’re getting the procedure because your eyelids interfere with your lashes or eyesight, your insurance may cover it.

Obtaining pre-authorization for the treatment is a brilliant idea. Most insurance, however, does not cover any cosmetic surgery.

What is the recovery time for a Double Eyelid Non-Incisional Surgery?

The recovery time for non-incisional double eyelid surgery ranges from 10 days to two weeks. Swelling and bruises are joint after surgery. After the treatment, your eyes may become moist, sensitive to light, and blurry. If required, your doctor will prescribe drugs to alleviate your discomfort throughout your rehabilitation.

It is also critical to follow your doctor’s post-surgery care recommendations to minimize problems and speed up healing. Following-surgery treatment should include the following:


  • Should not wear contact lenses.
  • Avoid applying makeup or skincare to the eye region during the recuperation phase.
  • Avoid smoking and alcohol consumption.
  • Avoid rubbing or touching the area around your eyes.
  • Return to your doctor’s office for your routine checkup.


The classic Double Eyelid Non-Incisional Technique was basic in design and accomplished by applying three fixations. Multiple sutures are used to make entry sites through the skin and link them to the tarsus (or, in some cases, the eye-raising muscle complex). This previous procedure resulted in frequent suture loosening and weak, shallow folds.

The Benefits and Drawbacks of the Double Eyelid Non-Incisional Surgery

Double Eyelid Non-Incisional Surgery

Because the suture approach is less intrusive, the double eyelid surgery should take between 30 minutes and an hour. The suture technique is less invasive, and there is less swelling and a faster recovery period.

Most edema diminishes within a few weeks following suture method double eyelid surgery, and full results were seen in one to three months. There is slight bruising. However, this varies from patient to patient.

The most significant advantages of the suture procedure are that the outcomes are most similar to natural eye folds. The consequences of this procedure are not permanent, which is a downside.

Due to suture loosening, the fold will gradually become smaller and weaker and may vanish using this procedure. Suture rupture is also an uncommon event that necessitates revision surgery.

Other advantages besides Double Eyelid - Non-Incisional Surgery

In addition to establishing a natural double eyelid crease, the non-incisional approach can address the following issues.

  • Asymmetry is proper

Asymmetrical eyelids are frequent among Asians. The non-incisional, less scarring approach can assist in treating moderate crease line asymmetry and is eye-opening. The surgeon stitches the skin to the underlying muscle of the eyelid during the surgery. It helps to promote symmetry in both eyes by ensuring that both sides have an even appearing crease eyes.

  • Make your eyes look brighter and more awake.

People with mono-lid eyes appear tired because of the additional skin and puffiness on their eyelids. The downward pointed eyelashes can also make the eyes appear smaller. Double eyelid surgery can correct the issue and make your eyes appear more defined, alert, and brighter. Suturing the eyelid skin to the muscle raises the eyelid skin somewhat. Sometimes the eyelashes are turned upwards, exposing more of the eyeball. As a result, the eyes look larger and more open.

  • Several crease lines that are neaten

Multiple folds can be produced by fluid imbalance, loose skin, or unequal skin-muscle attachment. The incisional approach evens out the skin-muscle connection to create a smooth crease line, thus reducing the appearance of many folds.


Double Eyelid Non-Incisional Surgery is a popular procedure to create a double eyelid without excessive risk for scarring. It gives a rejuvenating and bright look to your eyes while creating a natural eyelid crease. The recovery time is short, and you can see final results within a few weeks. The procedure is inexpensive as compared to incisional surgery.

It would be best if you got this therapy done in South Korea because the country’s plastic surgeons are experts in eyelid surgery. You may be confident that your eyes will achieve your desired outcomes because surgeons execute hundreds of eyelid operations each year.

Now that you’re aware of non-incisional double eyelid surgery schedule an appointment at your favorite clinic or Seoul Guide Medical’s website. Be ready to have brighter-looking eyes.

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