Chin Augmentation – Tie / Osteotomy

Chin Augmentation - Tie Osteotomy

Basic Information

Chin Augmentation is a procedure that brings the chin out.

Chin being excessively short and not protruded enough may play a huge part in one’s timidity. It may break the balance of the face, or make the person appear too young. To fix the problems caused by a short chin, MINA PLASTIC SURGERY offers three different types of procedures : Chin Implant, Chin Tie, and Chin Osteotomy. For the Chin Implant procedure, you can check out the information here.

Chin Osteotomy, as the name explains, is a procedure that osteomizes the front chin bone, bring it out a bit, and fix to form a prominent front chin with the client’s own bone.

Chin Augmentation - Tie Osteotomy

Chin Tie or Chin Osteotomy at MINA PLASTIC SURGERY will take from 30 minutes to 1 hour, depending on the procedure the client is getting. The operation will be performed under local or general anesthesia, also differing according to the procedure. Clients will need to stay in the clinic for several hours to recover shortly, and receive after surgery treatments provided by MINA PLASTIC SURGERY. Revisiting the clinic after 7 days is required, for the stitch removal, check ups, and treatments to help pace up the recovery. Clients will be asked to avoid smoking for 2 weeks both before and after the surgery, to benefit from the best result and a fast recovery.

Recommended to

Chin Augmentation - Tie Osteotomy

As Chin Tie and Chin Osteotomy both are procedures that augment the chin, they are recommended to those who are not satisfied with their short chins. Chin being too short, blunt, or sunken inwards may easily break the balance of the face, with the possibility of making the bone structure look unstable. Having the chin augmented could also bring confidence on one’s profile face, for the procedure may also fix the impression that the mouth is excessively protruded. Since Chin Augmentation procedures are done to form a prominent front chin, it may also correct the round looking face, by bringing definition, and putting a firm end point at the bottom of the face.

How it works – Chin Osteotomy

Chin Augmentation - Tie Osteotomy
  1. After examination and analysis on the adequate angle, Dr. Cha makes an incision inside the mouth, under the lower gum.

2. Avoiding the nerve point, Dr. Cha osteomizes the front chin bone.

3. The osteomized bone is brought out horizontally, to the calculated extent.

4. Dr. Cha finishes up by trimming the brought out bone, for it too look natural.

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Chin Augmentation - Tie Osteotomy