Cheekbone Reduction

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Basic Information

Cheekbone Reduction is a procedure done to get an oval face

Cheekbone Reduction reduces the size of the cheekbone that sticking out and creates an oval and slim face for the patients. The protrusion on the cheekbone makes your face look uneven and this often gives a very strong impression to other people. Thus, people often have their chins reduced into a more V-line shape which is considered more feminine and beautiful.

Here at MINA PLASTIC SURGERY, Dr. Cha creates the natural and smooth face line by partially removing the side cheekbone and replacing it. 

Unlike the normal Cheekbone surgery, cheekbone reduction takes less than a 30 minutes to proceed, thus has faster recovery time to daily life.

Cheekbone Reduction

At MINA PLASTIC SURGERY, Cheekbone Reduction (Quick )generally takes 30 minutes to complete the surgery. Operation duration could be different depending on a patient’s health condition and the surgical situation.

Patients will be under Local anesthesia during the operation. After the surgery, you will stay in the recovery room for several hours to wake up from the anesthesia and receive aftercare service served by MINA PLASTIC SURGERY.

After 7 days of the operation, you will visit our clinic for the removal of stitches and aftercare. The recovery time for returning to daily life would be 7 days; however, swelling may remain for a while. Smoking is avoided for 2 weeks after surgery to prevent any possibility of the side-effects.

Cheekbone Reduction Recommended to

Cheekbone Reduction

Cheekbone Reduction (Quick ) is recommended if you have high cheekbones which make your face is look wide and uneven.  Having over protruding cheekbones may form shadows under the cheekbones, emphasizing the bumpiness of an already-uneven facial structure.

Quick Cheekbone Reduction will smoothen, and even out the problems the clients have concerning the cheekbones.

As this procedure is named ‘Quick’, it requires a Local anesthesia, unlike other cheekbone procedure which is performed under general anesthesia. For those who have concerns about getting a heavy anesthesia, Quick Cheekbone Reduction will work fine.

How it works

Cheekbone Reduction
  1. Dr. Cha makes a minimal incision on the side scalp, just above the ear.

2. The photo is showing the cheekbone viewed downwards from above. A small part of the cheekbone is fractured.

3. Using the force of periosteum, Dr. Cha lets the fractured bones get attached naturally.

4. Dr. Cha pulls the surrounding skin and the muscle up to prevent them from sagging, makes them adhere to the bone, and finishes up by stitching back the incised part.

Mina's speciality

Cheekbone Reduction

Detailed analysis on the bone structure of the face

Dr. Cha analyzes the facial bones precisely to design the most suitable result, and proceed with the operation.

Expertise from long years of experience

Dr. Cha’s expertise has been built over numerous years of experience, with no medical accidents.

Natural adhesive fixation

Cheekbones are fixed by the natural adhesion method, enabling the clients to obtain a natural look and feel.

Prevention of sagging of the skin

Pulling up of the surrounding skin and the muscle is considered as important as the fracturing process, so as to prevent the later sagging of the skin.