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Threads Lift

Threads Lift is a minimally invasive surgery for face lifting. In this operation, insert medical threads into the face and tighten the threads to pull the skin. Threads lift is a low-risk procedure with a short recovery time, but it can cause side effects of turning red, bruising, or swelling. The procedure only takes 45 minutes and you can return to work immediately if you want. The results of Threads Lift last from 1 to 3 years. For the best results, doctors recommend receiving not only Threads Lift but also other types of anti-aging procedures.

What is Threads Lift?

Threads Lift is a cosmetic procedure aimed at lifting and carving the shape of the face or chest. Threads Lift uses a temporary medical suture to tighten the skin. Threads Lift has existed since the 1990s, but the recent increase in the popularity of Threads Lift has led to innovation in the materials used in the procedure. The best Threads Lift candidates are in their late 30s to early 50s. Those who are healthy and have just begun to notice signs of aging can benefit the most from Threads Lift.

How does Threads Lift work?

There are two threads lift procedures. The first one is simple. Thread a thin, meltable suture under your skin, and the doctor can pull your skin tight around your forehead, neck, or torso. After the procedure, the body’s healing reaction is triggered. You are not injured by a thread under your skin, but your body detects suture substances and stimulates collagen production in the affected area. Collagen can fill gaps in sagging skin and restore younger elasticity to the face.

Threads Lift Procedure

The procedure is performed with the patient leaning back. Along with local anesthetics, alcohol is also prepared for surgery, so we will apply it to the skin. Thin needles or cannulas are used to insert threads under the skin. It may take 30 to 45 minutes to insert the thread. When threads are inserted, you can feel light pressure or tightness under your skin. The procedure is completed within a few minutes after the injection needle is pulled out.

After Threads Lift

In the case of Bleparoplasty surgery, the patient’s recovery time is relatively short. The day after surgery, bruises and swelling can occur, but they usually disappear soon. During the first 48 hours, you can use a cool compresses to reduce bruises and swelling around your eyes and face. Walking and light activities can help heal. The thin bandages over the incision will usually be removed in a few days, with threads remaining for about a week.

Most people can go back to their normal activities after about 7 to 10 days after surgery. Two weeks after eyelid surgery, most of the bruises and swelling will be disappeared.


Collagen helps cultivate factors that greatly affect skin condition. Collagen is not only used to recover wounds, but also keeps the skin strong, voluminous, and flexible. As we get older, our bodies produce fewer and fewer collagen. This action reduces the thickness of the skin by 80% until about 70 years old. Decrease in volume and force is the biggest factor in making wrinkles. As the skin weakens, the skin can no longer hold the tissue well below it, which means that gravity pulls and stretches the skin down. With signs of skin relaxation still light, injecting fresh collagen into the skin of the face can have a great effect.


Thread lifting promotes collagen production and makes your skin look lively. In addition, the thread tightens the face to remove wrinkles, providing a smooth appearance. It greatly reduces wrinkles and lines for customers with threaded faces.

Local anesthesia can be injected for a comfortable procedure. However, some patients may feel some pain in this procedure and will feel slightly better after anesthesia. All makeup needs to be removed before the procedure, so please come with a clean face if possible.

breast augmentation korea

Breast Implant Incision Methods

breast augmentation korea


breast augmentation korea before and after

Here we listed everything you need to know about methods of  Breast Augmentation in Korea

Korean Augmentation / Implants Procedure Methods | Advantages and Disadvantages 

1. Axillary Endoscopic Method (Armpit ) 

2.Breast Fold Method ( Under the breast) 

3.Areolar method ( Around the nipple)

Mina Plastic Surgery performs the most outstanding breast augmentation procedures in Seoul, Korea. Dr. Cha creates very natural looking results that feel soft to the touch. There is important information to know about breast implants (also known as mammoplasty).  The incision point really depends on your case. Dr. Cha has put together the advantages and disadvantages of the differences in breast augmentation incision points:

Axillary Endoscopic (armpit)


1.No scar on the breast leading to natural looking results

2.If done correctly, the scar is not very visible under the armpit as there are creases in that part of the body

3.This is often the least visible scarring of any breast augmentation implant area

4.The endoscopic technique gives the doctor full control over pocket creation, placement etc.


1.If the scarring heals badly, there will be a visible scar when lifting up your arms

2.The scarring may be difficult to hide if wearing tank tops

3.Removal of scar tissue from around the implant (capsulectomy) is more difficult with this method

4.There is a very small risk of numbness around the scar area

Breast Fold (Under the breast)



1.The doctor has the beast visibility and control for the implant procedure using this method

2.If the patient has deep folds, the scar is easily hidden

3.If another surgery is needed later, this approach provides the easiest access to the implant

4.Mildly sagging or tuberous breasts are beast treated with this approach

5.Allows for larger implants to be placed


1.A visible scar on the bottom of the breast

2.Small frames with tight breasts show the scar more easily

3.The scar may be visible when laying flat

Areolar (around the nipple)


1.Easy access for pocket creation for the doctor

2.Scarring is very well hidden

3.Used often for revision surgery cases


1.Because the area is sensitive, many women do not prefer this method

2.Scarring may be visible

3.The implant may be exposed to bacteria from breast tissue increasing the risk of capsular contracture

4.There is a small risk of nipple sensation loss although this has not been scientifically proven

5.Future problems when breast feeding may arise

Umbilical *

* Not performed by Dr. Cha and not approved by the implant manufacturers


No scar on the breast


Blunt and blind insertion of an implant

Silicone gel implants cannot be inserted using this technique

Pocket creation is difficult

Bleeding control is difficult

Implant positioning is very difficult

Breast Implant Incision Methods

Price for breast augmentation Surgery in South Korea

Price for Breast augmentation surgery in korea is depend on 

– number of revision surgeries

– doctor

– clinic

– aftercare

– 1 year warranty (only at certain clinics) mina provides it.

Price for breast augmentation at Mina Plastic Surgery is up to 13000$ ( you can get breast augmentation surgery as low as 3000$ at Mina Plastic Surgery if you are qualified for it ). 

For more information please contact Mina Plastic Surgery – Contact 

You can contact Dr. Cha at Mina Plastic Surgery and team by e-mailing [email protected], contacting us on our Facebook page at or writing to us through this site.

Mina Models Before and After

Mina Models Before and After

At Mina Plastic Surgery we stand by our
work.  But don’t take our word for
it!  There are thousands of patients who
have had their dream features come to life and here are just a few of the
satisfied clients who keep coming back!

yulies rhinoplasty seoul south korea

Mina Models Before and After

Life was quickly passing her by, or so she thought.  For years Yuli, a native Russian studying Korean in Seoul, had avoided taking pictures or being filmed.  “There were so many moments in my life where I would regret not having captured a special moment”.  She explained while talking about her past insecurities.  “I started to notice the shape of my nose was both crooked and wide.  When I saw myself in pictures I saw myself how others saw me, and it made me insecure”, she further said.

Finally, Yuli decided to take her life
back.  She set up a consultation for a
corrective Rhinoplasty surgery at Mina Plastic Surgery, located in Seoul, South
Korea set up by Seoul Guide Medical.  To
her surprise and delight, Dr. Jeongho Cha, the founder, and stakeholder in the
clinic did the consultation himself.  
Dr.  Cha, who studied in America,
speaks fluent English and was able to thoroughly explain the procedures he
would be doing to correct Yuli’s deviated septum and bulbous (round) tip.

Because Dr. Cho is an expert who is
highly respected in the plastic surgery field, his knowledge and expertise
helped to ease the fears she felt while undergoing the Rhinoplasty.  “He carefully explained what would be taking
place.  He used drawings to illustrate
exactly where and why he would be making his incisions and what he would
do”.  In addition to the basic
information he provided, Dr. Cha was also careful to explain the drawbacks of
the Rhinoplasty procedure.  As Jeongho
explained, everyone’s body is unique and handles surgery slightly different,
and there would be some minor inconveniences. 
He explained the swelling could be expected to peak after 2-3 days and
significantly drop after one week.  Over
the course of the next month, too, certain activities should be avoided, such
as drinking, smoking, exercising and saunas, as there is a chance to further
delay the healing process.  The final
result though, would not be fully visible until about 3-6 months.

After the consultation a date was set and
Dr. Cha went to work in giving Yuli the features she had always dreamed
of.  The Rhinoplasty operation took about
an hour and she was given anesthesia, with deep sleep sedation.  Though she awoke slightly dazed, the pumpkin
juice and pumpkin portage provided made her feel better very quickly.  They were given by Min, who works for Seoul
Guide Medical, the organization which set up her consultation and
Rhinoplasty.  Seoul Guide Medical is a
Medical tourist organization which helps foreigners in Korea with plastic
surgeries, skin, vision and dental care. 
They provide translation, as well as arrange accommodations and
transport to foreigners who want to have their needs met in South Korea.

One week after surgery

Mina Models Before and After

Although some pain is expected, Yuli
professes she never felt pain, even during the next week when the stint was
still in place.  For the next week, she
took the medications prescribed by the clinic. 
The bruising and swelling were minimal and she was able to cover the
majority of it with makeup and the free mask provided by the clinic.  In South Korea- which is the plastic surgery
capital of the world with the highest per capita surgeries- the mask seemed
perfectly normal, as many people use them to cover their swelling from
procedures.  The showers were a bit
tricky, as no water could directly go over her nose, but with a sponge a little
delicacy, it was no problem at all.  The
check-ins, which took place the day after and on the 3rd day, were also very
simple as they took under 10 minutes.

During the week while the stitches were
in place, Yuli was dying to see how her new nose would look like.  “I just couldn’t wait.  Just couldn’t wait.  I was so nervous to see if they were able to
do what I really wanted”.  The initial
shock caught her off guard because the new look was so drastic.  As the nose’s position center on the face, it
serves great importance to balance out the rest of the features on the face,
such as the face and eyes.  The new look
really took her breath away.  “I know it
will look even better after it fully sets, and the swelling fully
disappears.  I must admit, it does take
some time getting used to.  I got so
accustomed to being unsatisfied.  Now I
am just trying to fully accept the new look”, she proudly said while showing
off the side profile.

For now, as the final swelling goes down
and the final results are fully visible, Yuli is busy catching back up on lost
time.  She has been on a recent “selfie”
spree, proudly snapping photos.  With her
newly designed face, she now has the confidence she always lacked.

Revision Rhinoplasty Specialist Dr. Jeonghocha mina plastic surgery

For most people, plastic surgery can a once in a lifetime opportunity that leads to wonderful results and a boost of self-esteem. However, for many clients, cosmetic procedures do not always go as planned. Sometimes, patients try to save money and choose the cheapest clinics, which has disastrous results as clinics often cut corners to lower prices. While this can account for some of the botched operations, even the best surgeons must occasionally do revisions to their work.

This was the case from Axelle, who is a native of Belgium. She had multiple rhinoplasty procedures, and each attempt got progressively worse. This is in part due to the fact that revision rhinoplasty gets more difficult with each additional surgery. For example, Axelle had built up of scar tissue on her right nostril, which was from previous operations and makes revisions more challenging. As is almost always the case, failed operations will leave you in much worse can condition than before the operation. Axelle was no exception. “Before this surgery, I would always avoid sitting on the right side of people. I was always afraid that they’d see the left side of my nose and would see how crooked and ugly it was” she explained. She also avoided taking pictures from the right side.

She went to Belgium to have the rhinoplasty procedure. While the doctor did a lot to build his credibility and boasted his great experience, he did very little to actually explain what was going to happen during the procedure. While most people might not understand the technical terms of biology and surgery, it is always a good idea to have a general idea of what is happening during the operation.

Revision Rhinoplasty Specialist Dr. Jeonghocha mina plastic surgery

(Even with some moderate swelling persisting, Axelle is thrilled with the results)

After giving up hope on ever having normality, Axelle’s hope was raised when she saw the exceptional work Dr. Cha had done on her best friend, Yulie, who is from Russia and studies in Korea.  Seeing that Dr. Cha was able to deliver on his promise to her best friend, she decided to set up a consultation through Seoul Guide Medical, which helps international patients in South Korea with a variety of medical procedures such as vision, skin care, dental, plastic surgery, and other medical services.  Seoul Guide Medical only works with the finest clinics who take top care of their clients.

This is the philosophy at Mina Plastic Surgery located in Seoul, South Korea, and was the case with Dr. Cha.  Axelle recalled, “As soon as I had my first consultation with the surgeon, I was sold as he was so informative and clear. It was very evident that he was very experienced as he’d even explained to me what had gone wrong in my previous surgeries, which made me trust him instantly…I knew I’d found the right person, which was something I had been waiting for a very long time”. Dr. Cha, who studied in the United States, and is fluent in English, explained in fine detail the technical elements of the whole procedure, into vocabulary that was easy to understand.

It is an unfortunate reality that many clinics only see patients as dollar signs. However, this is not the case with Dr. Cha, as each individual client is always the center of his attention. Performing a maximum of 2 surgeries a day, Dr. Cha is able to stay fresh and give only the best results- which is why he has a 100 percent safety and satisfaction record. Axelle further elaborated, “The professionalism, care, punctuality, and detail they give you as a patient. I kind of felt like a princess during the entire process”. This has been a consistent theme running through the testimony of the thousands of people Dr. Jeongo Cha has helped.

Dr. Jeongho Cha is a former military surgeon, who worked with soldiers hurt during service to their country. He is only one of a handful of doctors who have made this transition to the private sector, and his experience helping severe trauma, has helped him in customizing individual treatment plans, which are designed to suit each client’s needs.  His vast experience, and wealth of knowledge makes him the best choice in all of South Korea.

Dr. Cha was able to deliver on what he promised. During the operation, he worked restlessly to undo the poor work of the previous clinics and give Axelle, what she thought was once impossible- perfection! He was able to beautifully craft her nose and maintain all vital functions, such as breathing and smelling. Showing off her side profile, she was absolutely aesthetic and couldn’t wait to go home to show her family, as everyone had become accustomed to the work she had to live with for years. She couldn’t be happier, and Dr. Cha deserves all the credit for giving her exactly what she desired.  Her mind was even more at rest knowing that Dr. Cha and Mina Plastic Surgery offer one year warranty on all his work, as it often takes 9 months to 1 year for the procedure to fully settle.

“They really make you feel that you are important to them and that they care about what the end result will be just as much as you do! That kind of safe and trusting feeling is so important, especially for people like me being so far away from home. The surgeon really listened to what I wanted and provided the best possible version of it using his expertise”!

Whether you are suffering from a previous surgery, or want to make sure that you never need a revision, Dr. Jeongho Cha of Mina Plastic Surgery is your best bet. He has gained a reputation as one of the most talented surgeons in Korea. His level of expertise is second to none.  Contact us for a free consultation today and see what Mina Plastic Surgery can do for you.

Maintaining Your Shape after Body Shaping Procedures

Maintaining Your Shape after Body Shaping Procedures

As with any other investment, certain results are expected.  If you invest money, you should expect some level of return. 

The same can be said of liposuction or other body shaping procedures, such as accusculpt or laser lifting.  If you make the effort to go under the knife, or laser, and spend your hard earned money, it is important to keep the results. 

Many patients believe that since they have liposuction or fat dissolving injections the results will be permanent and they can return to their same style of living.

This is not the case at all.  While the fat cannot grow to the same level in a certain spot (as the fat cells are eliminated), other cells can still grow disproportionately.

The decision to undergo surgical or non-surgical fat removal will most definitely result in an improvement in the appearance and contour of your body and overall appearance.

Most people report a boost in self-esteem after undergoing body shaping procedures.  However, it is important to note that a lifestyle change is also needed to maintain the newly acquired body.  While this might seem a little intimidating, the small investment of time and discipline will have huge payouts in an overall quality of life in the long term.

A vital step in keeping your weight down is to exercise regularly, such as going to the gym or for regular walks or bicycle rides. In the immediate aftermath, it is best to avoid intense, vigorous exercise while you’re recovering from your procedure.

It is good for patients to walk as much as possible in the days and weeks following the surgery. Not only will this help prevent blood clots and other complications. It can also help you feel normal more quickly.  When your life returns to normal, it is important to include at least 2 or 3 30-minute exercise sessions each week.

Maintaining Your Shape after Body Shaping Procedures

The most important addition to regular exercise is eating healthy.  You will want to add more fruits, vegetables, whole grains, and lean protein into your diet (such as chicken and fish) while reducing the intake of sugars, red meats (beef),  simple carbohydrates and saturated fats.

Eating several smaller meals throughout the day will help maintain your energy levels and keep you from feeling deprived between meals.

Drinking a sufficient amount of water during the day is also important. Staying hydrated helps control hunger, maintains a healthy metabolism and aids in digestion.  Be sure to drink at least 8 glasses of water a day or more.

Maintaining Your Shape after Body Shaping Procedures

The important ingredient in your new routine is moderation.  The dictionary defines moderation as an “avoidance of extremes or excesses”.  Snack foods, for example, need not be completely eliminated from your diet.  Howev

er, they should definitely be reduced or used as a reward to yourself.  Also, while getting exercise is a vitally important part of health, over-exercising can also put tremendous strain on the body, and lead to other health problems. 

Finding a healthy balance between exercising and rest is an important part in maintaining a healthy lifestyle.

Maintaining Your Shape after Body Shaping Procedures

While liposuction is a quick fix, it is by no stretch permanent.  At Mina Plastic Surgery, we always strive to provide you with accurate information and lasting results.

Which is why we want to see you stay slim!  Protect your investment in yourself and start making lifestyle changes after your procedure.

By maintaining a regular exercise schedule, getting plenty of rest (8 hours a night), eating a balanced diet and choosing a healthy lifestyle, your life will be dramatically improved on all levels.

Forbes Interview with Dr. Jeonho cha & Conner Sullivan

Forbes Interview with Dr. Jeonho cha & Conner Sullivan

Over the last year, Conner Sullivan has been interviewing heads of state and CEOs all across Asia.  As part of the surveying of the economic landscape of the worlds most populous continent, Forbes has come to South Korea to interview the top companies, such as Lotte, Hyundai and Korean Air.  Eager to get a better understanding of the plastic surgery/medical tourism field that has captured the attention of millions of patients from all over the world, he sat down for an interview with Dr. Cha of Mina Plastic Surgery.  Dr. Cha expressed his philosophy about his field, as well as his tremendous experience.