Breast Implant Incision Methods

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Here we listed everything you need to know about methods of  Breast Augmentation in Korea

Korean Augmentation / Implants Procedure Methods | Advantages and Disadvantages 

1. Axillary Endoscopic Method (Armpit ) 

2.Breast Fold Method ( Under the breast) 

3.Areolar method ( Around the nipple)

Mina Plastic Surgery performs the most outstanding breast augmentation procedures in Seoul, Korea. Dr. Cha creates very natural looking results that feel soft to the touch. There is important information to know about breast implants (also known as mammoplasty).  The incision point really depends on your case. Dr. Cha has put together the advantages and disadvantages of the differences in breast augmentation incision points:

Axillary Endoscopic (armpit)


1.No scar on the breast leading to natural looking results

2.If done correctly, the scar is not very visible under the armpit as there are creases in that part of the body

3.This is often the least visible scarring of any breast augmentation implant area

4.The endoscopic technique gives the doctor full control over pocket creation, placement etc.


1.If the scarring heals badly, there will be a visible scar when lifting up your arms

2.The scarring may be difficult to hide if wearing tank tops

3.Removal of scar tissue from around the implant (capsulectomy) is more difficult with this method

4.There is a very small risk of numbness around the scar area

Breast Fold (Under the breast)



1.The doctor has the beast visibility and control for the implant procedure using this method

2.If the patient has deep folds, the scar is easily hidden

3.If another surgery is needed later, this approach provides the easiest access to the implant

4.Mildly sagging or tuberous breasts are beast treated with this approach

5.Allows for larger implants to be placed


1.A visible scar on the bottom of the breast

2.Small frames with tight breasts show the scar more easily

3.The scar may be visible when laying flat

Areolar (around the nipple)


1.Easy access for pocket creation for the doctor

2.Scarring is very well hidden

3.Used often for revision surgery cases


1.Because the area is sensitive, many women do not prefer this method

2.Scarring may be visible

3.The implant may be exposed to bacteria from breast tissue increasing the risk of capsular contracture

4.There is a small risk of nipple sensation loss although this has not been scientifically proven

5.Future problems when breast feeding may arise

Umbilical *

* Not performed by Dr. Cha and not approved by the implant manufacturers


No scar on the breast


Blunt and blind insertion of an implant

Silicone gel implants cannot be inserted using this technique

Pocket creation is difficult

Bleeding control is difficult

Implant positioning is very difficult

Breast Implant Incision Methods

Price for breast augmentation Surgery in South Korea

Price for Breast augmentation surgery in korea is depend on 

– number of revision surgeries

– doctor

– clinic

– aftercare

– 1 year warranty (only at certain clinics) mina provides it.

Price for breast augmentation at Mina Plastic Surgery is up to 13000$ ( you can get breast augmentation surgery as low as 3000$ at Mina Plastic Surgery if you are qualified for it ). 

For more information please contact Mina Plastic Surgery – Contact 

You can contact Dr. Cha at Mina Plastic Surgery and team by e-mailing [email protected], contacting us on our Facebook page at or writing to us through this site.

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