Why Korea

South Korea

Korea is a medical tourism powerhouse, and its capital of Seoul is the hub of medical tourism. Seoul is a medical city that offers world-class technology at an affordable price. Additionally, Seoul is a popular tourist destination with more than 600 years of history. It is the capital of the Republic of Korea and the stage where the “Miracle of the Hangang (River)” took place. Seoul is a city of almost 12 million people residents in the core and almost 26 million people in the greater metropolitan area. It is incredibly developed in many areas while having traditional areas that seem not to have been touched by time at all. The goal of the Seoul Metropolitan Government is to create a happy city for its citizens both local and global. With that in mind, the city has developed countless programs and attractions to increase happiness and has funded the rapid rise of medical tourism. This city has something for everyone and you will find something to do here 24 hours a day. It is as safe as they come. Welcome to Seoul, where your dreams can come true.

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What about Plastic Surgery?

Seoul is the world capital for plastic surgery. The infrastructure here for plastic surgery is the best in the world. The area of Gangnam alone has over 500 aesthetic centers alone. Korea has the most plastic surgery cases per capita on earth with just under 1 million cases in 2014. It works out to about 20 procedures per 1000 people. To compare, the USA has 13 procedures per 1000 people. The pricing here is very reasonable and you will have access to the best and most experienced surgeons. With us there to guide you, it will be simple and easy.


The Korean won is the currency accepted everywhere in Seoul and throughout Korea. Very few places accept other currency forms. Thus, you should either bring won with you or exchange it at the airport or at a bank (if you land at night, the banks at the airport will be closed). In Seoul, you can exchange major currency forms like American or Canadian dollars, Euros, Yuan and Yen at any bank as long as you bring your passport. You can also use your major credit cards like VISA or MasterCard to withdraw money but be aware that you may have a daily limit and large sums of money will be very hard to withdraw as cash. If you wish to withdraw money with an International ATM card, try using a Citi Bank ATM. They usually accept international debit cards. Not all ATMs accept international debit cards. All major stores will accept credit cards but street vendors only accept cash usually. Koreans love cash so it is best to have sufficient amounts of it to pay for services and goods.

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While in the city, the easiest way to get around is by private driver or if you want to go on your own, take the subway. The subway costs less than 2000 won per trip usually. All the subway signs are in English as well and the system is easy to use. You can also take the bus but very few signs are in English which makes it much harder to use. Taking a taxi during the day starts off at just 3000 won and you can get across the whole city for about 20-25,000 won. Most taxi drivers do not speak English so it is best to have your address written down in Korean. If you ever need translation, just call us and we will happily translate for you.

We can provide transportation to and from the airport in a private car or van as well as providing daily transportation for you in 4 hour, 6, or 8 hour segments. If you wish to provide your own transportation to and from the airport, check out the information below:

Limo bus

Provided by the city for just 15,000 won from the Incheon International Airport or 9,000 won from the Gimpo International Airport, this luxurious bus will pick you up in front of the airport exit doors and drop you off at several key locations in Gangnam or other parts of the city. You will need to pay with cash or a T-Money Card.

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For about 80,000 won from the Incheon International Airport or 20,000 won from the Gimpo International Airport, a taxi will take you on meter to where you want to go. However, it really isn’t necessary because of the Limo Bus system unless you land near midnight-6AM when buses are not running constantly. We recommend you take grey, white or orange taxis and not the black ones as they are much more expensive.

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The subway system is connected to the airports but it takes longer, has transfers points and it not that easy with baggage. It costs less than 6000 won but is not recommended on your first visit unless you have light baggage and are adventurous. It does not run between about 12am-6am.

Safety & Privacy

South Korea is one of the safest countries on the planet. There are virtually no guns in the country for normal citizens and very little violent crime. Tourists are respected and in Seoul there is even a dedicated tourist police. If you have any problems or questions, you can call the government’s Dasan Call Center by dialing 120 for help in a variety of languages. The country is perhaps the most technologically advanced country in the world with CCTV cameras everywhere for safety, totally connected to the Internet with the fastest connection rates in the world, and has a literacy rate of over 99%. With most of the population having completed post-secondary education, the country is generally a safe place to enjoy 24 hours a day. Your privacy will be respected with us and by the clinics and hospitals to ensure you have a worry free experience.

Korean Police. Thanks to Korean police Korea is one of the world's safest country.