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Breast Augmentation has the highest satisfaction rate among women for any plastic surgery procedure.   While the vast majority of operations include enhancement, a substantial number of patients request reduction for functional and aesthetic value .  The typical desired effect is a natural, gentle slope, forward and proportional nipples and most the volume in the lower half of the breasts. However, some patients will benefit more from more volume being held in the upper breast area to give a fuller look. The kind of breast implants that are right for you depend on your needs and your body type. Dr. Cha will go over with you in detail until you are ready to decide.

Tear Drop Implants
Tear Drop Implants Mina Plastic Surgery Seoul Korea
Mina Plastic Surgery

Tear drop implants are depicted above left and are said to have a more natural look.  Tear drop implants have most of the volume on the lower portion of the breast and a more normal slope contour.   The final choice will mostly be based on your lifestyle, body shape and current size.  When choosing which option suits you best it is important to note that there is no right or wrong in picking your implant style.  Our professional staff will help you choose which one is right for your specific needs.

Round Implants
Round Breast Implants At Mina Plastic Surgery Seoul Korea

Round implants tend to be more perky and have a “push up bra” effect.  These are generally the implant of choice of most woman as they are more visual appealing and attention grabbing.  Round implants are also considered more practical in the sense that the risk of  the implants slipping or changing positions is eliminated.  Click for bigger image.

Customizing Profiling
Implants at Mina Plastic Surgery Seoul Korea

There are two types of implants commonly used: saline (liquid and flexible) and silicone (gel and firm).  Although most women believe silicone gel implants feel more real, they do pose a risk if they leak (saline is easily absorbed into the body).  Implants come in a variety of sizes and shape and many factors must be taken in to choose the correct one to suit your specific desires, factoring in age, size, and expectations.   Both have their advantages and disadvantages.  We will be happy to discus all available options.

Method of Implant Insertion
Breast implant methods Mina Plastic Surgery Seoul Korea

There are 3 main options for implant insertion: inframammary, transaxillary, and periarolar.  The most common is inframammary, which involves an incision under the breast, which will leave a small scar but wont affect breast feeding.  The second method is transaxillary, which places in incision in the armpit, which can virtually eliminate scarring.  The final method is periarolar, which involves an incision around the “areola” region (the colored area around the nipple).  Although this method can reduce scarring, it can also lead to severe damage of glands and nerves, which may affect breast feeding as will placing the implant above the muscle with all other methods.  Click for image of all methods.

Breast Reduction
Mina Plastic surgery Seoul Korea

Often times, too much of a good thing is a bad  thing- and that most certainly is the case with breasts.  Women who suffer from disproportionately large breasts (usually D or higher, but can smaller for petite women), tend to suffer from back and shoulder pain, trouble sleeping as well difficulty doing everyday tasks.  This is, of course, in addition to unsightly sagging and stretch marks.  The solution is breast reduction which can help to lift breasts, reduce excessive fat and skin, and return proportion back to the female shape.  There are several methods that can be used to attain this goal depending on shape and size of current breasts and the desired look.

Breast Lift
Breast Lift Mina Plastic Surgery

Mastopexy (commonly referred to as a breast lift ) restores shape and volume that may have been lost due to age, weight loss, and/or nursing. With most breast lifts, the nipple and areola (colored region around nipple) are shifted to a higher position in order to create a more natural, younger look.  Women who want larger or perky breasts should opt for breast implants.

Nipple Correction

There are a variety of reasons for nipple correction.  The most common are nipple reduction or repair.  In many cases the areolar (colored, sensitive area around nipple) is disproportionate to the nipple and breast, this can be corrected with nipple reduction.  Also, some nipples incline inward- thus making breast feeding difficult- and can be fixed with implants or minimally invasive surgery.  In some cases a separation of the ducts might be necessary and render further lactation (milking) impossible.

Breast Reconstruction
Breast reconstruction Mina Plastic Surgery Seoul Korea

Breast reconstruction is sometimes used to correct a mastectomy (breast removal) or other trauma to the breast, but can also be used to match disproportionate breasts.  There are several options which include breast implants as well as tissue flap procedures, which uses your own body tissue.  There are a variety of factors that must taken into consideration, such as future medical treatment needed.  Since your treatment should be customized for you, our doctors will be sure to cover all basis.

Before and After

This is only example of what is possible!  As with each individual, a custom profile must be made to ensure you get exactly what suits you  best.


Mina Plastic Surgery Seoul Korea

The meaning of rhinoplasty in the original Greek is “to shape nose”, however it is commonly referred to as a “nose job”.  This procedure involves reconstructing or correcting the form of the nose which can lead to a restoration of nasal functions or serve as an aesthetic enhancement.  The most frequent requests include removal of bumps, narrowing nostril width or changing the angle between the nose and the mouth.  The perfect nose is defined by your face shape, personality, age and ethnicity. However, plastic surgeons use mathematical calculations to create perfect relationships between your nose and the rest of your face.

Nose Tip Correction Surgery (Rhinoplasty)
Nose Tip Mina Clinic Seoul Korea

The tip of the nose has several aesthetic characteristics that may be altered in a rhinoplasty surgery.

Manipulation of the cartilage (flexible connective tissue) allows your surgeon to increase or decrease the projection of the tip, the angle between the tip of the nose and the upper lip, the width of the tip and the height of the widest portion of the tip.

The external or “open” approach involves an incision on the skin of the skin between the nostrils and a few hidden incisions inside of the nostrils, while the internal approach involves only hidden incisions inside of the nose.

Blunt Tip Correction
Blunt Nose Mina Surgery Clinic Seoul Korea

A dull or round nose tip is a common feature found on many patients. Generally, a sharper, smaller nose has been seen as a sign of beauty among almost all people.  There are several methods which can be used for this effect.  For the most part, removal of extra skin or the stitching together of the nostrils can make the nose far more defined and beautiful.

Taking into account the current shape of  the nostrils and desired outcome, the surgeon may resort to several methods.  For example, in certain cases cartridge may be inserted into the nose to strengthen and make the nose sharper.  However, cartridge, skin or fat may also be trimmed  and the middle section is raised to create a naturally sharp nose.

Curved nose Rhinoplasty
Rhinoplasty Mina Plastic Surgery Seoul Korea

Beauty is often a fragile art.  The difference between mere millimeters can literally throw off an entire face!  An unbalanced- or asymmetrical nostril- can easily disrupt the overall beauty and precision of the face.  Because of this, cartilage can be reformed to create a gorgeous, perfectly place nose.  As seen in the picture, the difference is immense.

Nostril Reduction
Mina Plastic Surgery Seoul South Korea

A disproportionately large nose can be an unsightly distraction on the face.  Nasal reduction involves the openings of the nose can not only have an aesthetic purpose, but it can also serve to help with breathing and snoring.

Wide Nose Bridge Correction
Mina Plastic Surgery Seoul Korea

The bridge of the nose is the are which sits closest  to the eyes and is similar to an actual bridge.  An enlarged bridge can throw off the shape of the entire nose, this procedure will produce a beautiful balance of slimness as well as symmetry.

Dorsal Augmentation
Dorsal Augmentation Mina Clinic Seoul Korea

An ideal nose should have triangular base as well as gradual transition to a nice high bridge- without a hump.  This height should be high enough to make shadowing on the side and have definition on a frontal view.

With some patients there isn’t enough of a base to have a high enough nose bridge, this is particularly true with certain ethnicities.  In such cases a dorsal augmentation is necessary which will give more of a solid profile to the nose.  The difference is more visible from a side view and will strengthen the form of the face.  This can be achieved with minimally invasive practices, such as liquid injections.


Mina Surgery Clinic Seoul Korea

Plastic Surgery for men has dramatically increased in recent years and is now common in many parts of the world. The ideal male body shape is considered to be trim and athletic-looking, with broad shoulders and chest, a flat abdomen, and a narrow hip-thigh area. However, as men age, areas of fat tend to accumulate around the abdomen, the side of stomach, the chest, and along the chin and neck. Men also no longer have to accept the face they were born with or their body part proportions.

Lipo for men Mina Seoul Korea

Liposuction is commonly referred to as “lipo” and is a cosmic surgery that removes fat from unwanted areas in the body.  Areas of interest usually include buttocks, thighs, belly and chest.  The result can be an astounding transformation into the body that you always dreamed of.  This goal can be achieved by a variety of invasive and non-invasive procedures.  For more information about various options, please check the right side under “Body Shaping”

Hair Transplant MIna Plastic Surgery Seoul Korea

Hair loss can be a devastating experience for men.  Hair is often seen as a sign of youth and vibrancy;  the complete or partial loss of hair is one that most men fear.  However, there is a solution through hair implants, which uses your natural hair to fill in receding hair lines balding spots.  The result is one that will give you the confidence to participate in all the activities you once cherished.

Calf Augmentation
Calf Implants

Calf augmentation is a procedure performed to enhance the lower portion of the leg. In people with a shrunken lower leg, as a result of injury, genetics or disease, an implant can be inserted in the calf to help minimize the resultant deformity

Gynescomastia (male breast reduction)
Male Breasts Mina Plastic surgery

Gynecomastia is a disorder of the endocrine system (responsible for release of hormones) which results in enlarged breasts in males- commonly called “man boobs”.   While a many younger men experience this during puberty, it can often increase in adulthood as a result from hormone imbalance and disease, and often has nothing to do with a man’s physical fitness.  This can be a huge psychological detriment for males as bullying often occurs.  Reduction of the breasts can result in a return to a more masculine look and restoration of confidence.

Ear Shaping
Ear Shaping Mina Plastic Surgery Seoul Korea

Ear shaping is known as otoplasty in the medical world and involves reforming the cartridge (soft flexible tissue) of the ear.  This can be done to correct unsightly ears such as protruding or enlarged ears, or to reshape the ears all together in unnatural positions.

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Face Contouring at Mina Seoul Korea

The perfect jaw line and face shape is partially subjective and has cultural preference, but it is also based in mathematics. Historically, the Golden Ratio of 1.618:1 has been found in nature and in human made constructions, such as music, art and architecture. Along with the Golden Ratio, balance is objectively considered beautiful.  To improve your facial dimensions, we need to analyze what kind of facial structure you have, what kind of look you wish to have and apply mathematical formulas.  Apart from aesthetic value, jaw realignment can solve a number of practical problems such as making biting and chewing easier, correcting problems with speech and minimizing excessive wear and breakdown of teeth and provide relief for sleep apnea.

Face Contouring
Facial Contouring Mina Plastic Surgery
Facial Contouring Mina Clinic Seoul Korea

Facial contouring involves a wide range of surgical practices to enhance or reduce features on the face.  Many options are available to the surgical technician.  These practices can serve to beautify the facial structure as well as to correct a variety diseases, injuries and defects in the head, neck, and the hard and soft tissues of the oral (mouth) and maxillofacial (jaws and face) region.

Maxillofacial surgery
Maxillofacial Surgery at Dodream Seoul Korea

Because of the drastic nature of the procedures, in countries such as the UK, Australia and most of Europe, it is recognized as both a specialty of medicine and dentistry, and a dual degree both is mandatory.

Treatments may be performed on the cranium and include the mouth, jaws and neck.  Dentoalveolar surgery is designed to remove impacted teeth, difficult tooth extractions, bone grafting and prosthetic implants.  Other procedures include brow lifts,  cheek and chin augmentation, as well as injectable cosmetic treatments such as Botox or filler.

Square Jaw Reduction
V Line Mina Surgery Gangnam

Square chin reduction (commonly called V-shape for the desired look) is probably the most dramatic and visual appealing facial sculpting procedures.  This surgery involves a series of bone cutting/ filing, as well as replacement with screws and bolts.  The result is a stunning transformation of a masculine jaw and chin into a beautiful, feminine form that is jaw dropping- literally.

Cheekbone reduction
Cheekbone reduction Mina surgery Seoul Korea

Variance on cheekbone preference has a huge spectrum.  While as high cheekbones are considered a sign of beauty in western countries, they are less desirable to most Asian groups.  Both augmentation and reduction are possible to suit your desires.

Cheekbone reduction can be done for several reason.  First, a wide face will make the female form look more masculine and/or bigger, while as a slimmer face will appear more feminine.  Second, high cheekbones may throw off the shape of the face if, in fact, a woman has a desired V-line jawline.  This may lead to a shape of the face that is similar to a cat, and generally considered unattractive.  Filing of the bone or removal will be necessary to achieve this look, but the results are well worth the effort.  The end result will lead to the face being smoother and softer as well as lead to overall harmony of the facial structure.

Chin Augmentation at Mina Plastic Surgery Seoul Korea

The chin can be augmented by a number of surgical techniques.  A combination of both removal of bone and/or implants can be used depending on the desired outcome.  The shape of the chin may not only be modified, but the angle may be set to a different degree.  Also, injectable filler may be used, depending on the current shape of the chin.  In certain cases, implants may be inserted to give volume.

Forehead Augmentation
Forehead augmentation at Mina Plastic Surgery Seoul Korea

Forehead augmentation may be done to not only change the slope of the forehead, but also to add volume.  Certain clients may have minimal definition of the forehead, which leads to an odd slop and/or shape.  This can be corrected by injectable fillers or fat.  Depending on this procedure, the result can last months, to years or be permanent.


Proportion is the key to beauty at Mina Plastic Surgery Seoul Korea

They eyes tend to be the most recognizable facial featureand long considered  “a gate way into the soul”.  Since the goal of beauty is symmetry, the eyes play a vital role as they mirror each other.   The size of the eyes are not the only thing that must be considered, but also how well the eye sits in proportion to the face.  Large and clear eyes with beautiful and matching proportions are sought after by using the “golden eye ratio”, which mathematical precision can be seen inthe works of artists Leonardo De Vinci and Salvador Dali and also in architecture, such as the Greek Parthenon.


Perfect eyes are all about proportion. Mina Surgery Gangnam Korea
Double Eyelid Surgery
Double Eye Lid Procedure Mina Plastic Surgery Seoul Korea
Mina Surgery Seoul Korea Non INcision Double Eye Lid

Most Asian groups (and some African) have what is called an “epicanthic fold”.  This is commonly called a “single eye lid” (or derogatory “slanted eyes”), but should be thought of a lack of crease in the eyelid (as in both cases there is only 1 eyelid).  This is usually caused in a lower rooted nasal bridge which tends to lead to a slightly flatter face.  The lack of a crease will lead to a smaller opening for an eye, and eye lashes will generally not curl up or down.  Since larger eyes and curled eyelashes are generally seen as a sign of beauty, many Asian women opt to have a crease placed in the middle of the eyelid to truly open up the eyes.

This is a quick example of different methods.  The incision method is the best, as it is permanent- and because of the natural appearing crease, no scaring will appear.  While the suture (stitches) method does not involve the removal of tissue, the fold will at some point come undone.  In addition, women with thinner skin should not seek this method, as unfolding will likely occur sooner than later.

Love Band
Love band at Mina Plastic Surgery Seoul Korea

A love band is an option for the optical illusion of bigger, more defined eyes.  To think of it simply, a love band is basically the intentional placement of eye bags, which are far more attractive as they are placed with precision.  This will in turn cause the eyes to look rounder and more definition.

Ptosis Correction
ptosis at Mina Plastic Surgery Seoul Korea

Ptosis can be caused by multiple factors, including problems with the muscles, nerves or skin of the eyelids.  Generally speaking, this is when the eyelids sag down to the eyes and block the view of the person.  This can cause squinting and will cause strain of the face, which uses the forehead muscles and thus resulting in creases or wrinkles.   In these cases, a removal of the excess skin or fat is the best option.


The “Mongolian fold” refers to the innermost part of each eye closeset to the nose, which appears to make a small crevice (hole).  This can not only cast a shadow on the inner region of the eye, but make the eyes optically appear to be further apart. An epicanthoplsty surgery can correct this problem and leader to fuller looking, more visible eyes.

Canthoplasty Mina Surgery Seoul KOrea
Under Eye Correction
Baggy Eyes at Mina Plastic Surgery

Eye bags are caused by loose skin and fat deposits.  They can result in the patient appearing tired, or older than they are.   Fat deposits can repositioned or removed all together to create a much more well groomed and younger looking face.


Anti Aging at Mina Surgery Seoul Korea

Anti-aging procedures come in all forms such as surgeries, injections and lasers. The goals of these procedures are to tighten droopy skin, improve thick and deep wrinkles, improve skin elasticity, smooth out pigmentation and improve saggy facial lines among other things. For example, someone who is 40 can look like she is just 30 after going through these procedures. The best and longest lasting methods are surgical procedures such as lifts along with laser treatment. The most common and easiest method is done using Botox and Fillers.

Face Lift
Face lift Mina Plastic Surgery Seoul Korea

A rhytidectomy (face lift) is a surgical procedure that improves signs of aging around the neck and face.  As  you age, there will be stress on the skin cause by sagging as well as the appearance of wrinkles or folds.  A face lift will lead to a reduction of this drooping skin as well as double chins.   Other surgical procedures may be considered with conjunction to a face lift, including eyelid surgery or brow lifts.  Fat transfers or fillers may also be used to make up for lost volume.

Thread Lifting
Thread Lifting Mina Plastic Surgery Seoul Korea

Thread Lift- Threads are used to suspend saggy cheeks and deep wrinkles and also to improve elasticity on the whole face. The highly elastic thread will improve droopy skins on whole face.  This is a quick method that takes under an hour.

v Lift Mina Surgery

V-Lift-The V-lift liquid face lift delivers one holistic treatment that addresses each aspect of your aging face. By placing the product in the correct position both for lifting and restoration of volume the jaw line can be sharpened, cheeks lifted, temples restored as well as increased collagen formation, tone and suppleness.  The name is derived from the fact that the natural “v” shape of the face naturally turns upside down over time.  This procedure is intended to revert your face to its natural form.

Mesh Lift
Mesh Lift Mina Surgery

Mesh lift is a genius method which uses small straps as suspenders to maintain the elevated position of the eyebrow or lower face and maintained by sutures (stitches).  They will eventually dissolve and become a part of the face, while maintain their positions.  The mesh is extremely elastic and after transplanted on the face and gently follows the muscle to give a natural anti aging effect.

Endotine Mina Surgery Gangnam Seoul South Korea

Endotine offers a very powerful solution to the sagging facial tissue problem.  This method is allows a widespread support while the brow tissue re-adheres to the forehead bone.  Essentially the small piece anchors the skin to the bone in a higher elevated position to stretch the skin to a more desirable position.  The strong support is ideal for people with thicker skin.

Laser Lift
Laser Lift Mina Surgery

Laser Lift (mini-facelift)- This is a non-surgical laser treatment that uses ultrasonic waves in order to lift and improve wrinkles without any damage on the skin surface. Unlike previous high frequency laser procedures that were not able to reach deep within the skin such as the SMAS layer, this laser can reach multiple layers down.  The laser uses high frequency ultrasound waves to transport the heat for improved wrinkles and elasticity.


Body Contouring involves a series of procedures that eliminate and/or reduce excess skin and fat in a variety of places including the torso, upper arms, chest, and thighs. Body contouring is sometimes done after massive weight loss and in cases where genetics predispose certain areas of your body to store more fat, even if you have a healthy weight and exercise often. The most common types of procedures include liposuction, injections and laser sculpting.  All methods aim to reduce fat cells by destroying, or removing all together.



Lipo for men and women Mina

Liposuction is commonly referred to as “lipo” and is a cosmic surgery that removed fat from unwanted areas in the body.  Areas of interest usually include buttocks, thighs, belly and chest.  The result can be an astounding transformation into the body that you always dreamed of.

There are a variety of methods that range from a literal “suction” of fat, to non-invasive procedures, such as injections that dissolve fat, and lasers that target layers of fat.

Tummy Tuck
Tummy Tuck Mina Surgery Seoul Korea

For some people, a tummy tuck will be more suitable for their body shapes.  When there its lots of lose skin from weight loss or after giving birth, you may choose to undergo a tummy tuck.  This measure can reduce the stomach by decades and give you that late teen, early 20’s look that would simply be impossible otherwise.    The process involves the removal of tissue and fat around the stomach and stitching into a tighter, firmer position.  The end result will be a total transformation of your body.

Buttock Augmentation

Thanks to the popularity of such celebrities as Nicki Minaj and Kim Kardashian, butt augmentation has become more popular over recent years for women who naturally lack curves.  Essentially, the back side is beautifully enhanced with either silicone implants or with natural grafted (transplanted) fat.  This will leave to the gorgeous “bell bottom” shape that is desired among many women.

Calf Reduction
Calf Reduction Mina surgery Seoul Korea

Muscular calves are a sign of fitness and ones general health.  However, with some patients- due to genetics- there is a swelling of the calves that makes the legs look oversized and out of place.  For this reason, certain clothing items such as skirts, shorts, and high heels are avoided. Fortunately, with this procedures, normal looking, natural calves are a very real possibility.

Laser Body Sculpting
Laser Lift Mina Surgery
Accusculpt Mina South Korea Gangnam

Belody Treatment– Interstitial laser stimulates derma layer. This process will constricts collagen and elastin, and also activates fibroblast. As a result, it will have the skin tightening effect.

Tenor High Frequency Treatment– This is commonly called a liposuction laser or lipo laser. A high frequency  is used for deep tissue heating to the deep skin and subdermal layers stimulating collagen formation and enhancing the disintegration of fats. This controlled heating in the deep dermis results in skin rejuvenation and skin tightening.

Meso Therapy– Mesotherapy employs multiple injections of pharmaceutical medications, plant extracts, vitamins, and other ingredients into fat to help break it down and pass through the body.

PPC Injection–   PPC injections give the cells an extra dose of Phosphatidylcholine, which causes the fat cells to be fluid and fragile, which causes them to bread down.  They are then absorbed into other parts of the body and excreted.